For the respect of our environment

Dear Customers,

You have choosen our establishment and we are very pleased to have you among our customers.

Our best wish would be you to spend a pleasant stay in the Hotel.

We would like you to leave the hotel we desire to turn back here quickly.

For this reason and with all humility we propose you our availability and an attentive listening to your remarks, in order we can come up to your expectations with the daily concern to preserve our planet.

For that purpose, we commit on 2009 and 2010, to change our behaviour with regards to the water and electricity consumption.

Like us and with us, we propose you to contribute to the protection of our fragile environment with simple but essential actions.


When a North American uses in average 350 liters of water per day, a West European uses 200 liters and an inhabitant from Sub-Sahara can only dispose of 15 liters.

In order to delay or even better, to avoid the drying up of our water resources,

Please find below some simple actions that we invite you to aplly :

  • Our flush are all equiped of a double switch : you can evacuate the whole content of the flush with the biggest switch and only 3 liters of water with the smallest.

Please use only what is necessary !

In average, per day and per person, the flow of a flush is around 36 liters.

  • Our taps are all equiped of foaming / ventilator systems.

With exactly the same comfort, the fact of mixing water with air decreases by 50 % the consumption of water.

Thank you to reduce the water flow during the shampoo for instance (20 liters / minute *) and to cut off the water during the teeth cleaning and the shaving (16 liters / minute *) !

(estimated flow).

  • In every bathroom you will find a small notice asking you to let the towels in the washbasin should you wish them to be washed !

  • In the same spirit, show us by taking off the pillow case that you wish the sheets to be washed !


The lightning :

At each floor, each corridor, you have presence detector, thanks to that system the saving

is up to 65 % !

The about 150 bulbs are replaced little by little by “low consumption” bulbs !

This type of bulb consumes 5 times less energy than the usual bulbs and this for a same lighting and a shelf life 8 times longer.

Our bedrooms only are equiped of standard switch. For that reason we would be grateful to :

Switch off the lights when you leave your bedroom and/or the ones that you do not necessarily need !

Thank you to do the same with the TV : it is better to switch off the TV than letting it in stand by.

To let the TV all day long in stand by would be equivalent to watch it during 4 hours.

Heating system :

Our heating system is fully electric.

We make sure, for the concerned period, that your bedroom and bathroom are heated at your arrival.

Many thanks to regulate the thermostat up to your comfort.

Keep in mind that the fact of decreasing the temperature of 1° generates a reduction of the energy consumption of around 8 % !

The ecological behaviour would consist in reducing the thermostat should you open the windows and especially should you leave the hotel.

On our side, we have started in 2008 the replacement of many wood windows by PVC material, guaranty of a better thermal and acoustic insulation.

This renovation will follow during 2009 in order to have a full replacement of the wood windows for early 2010 at the latest !

The production of warm water :

It is fully electric.

In relation with our duty to guarantee warm water all day long, our three cumulus are in continuous forced running.

Thank you to adjust the temperature and to think about cutting off the water during the soaping and shampoo ; this action is very simple especially thanks to the mixer tap !

We would like to thank you for you attention at these few lines.

We hope that we would have convinced you to change some basic actions of the every day life but so important for us and for our fragile planet.

We wish you an excellent welcome in our hotel and in the Basque country.